Image SpiceTracks is a selective catalogue of superior music from all over the world. Unlike the various +50,000 music track warehouses, we are not about mass quantity.  We are all about top quality. Spicetracks Catalog.
Image  One-Stop-Shop.  All SpiceTracks are pre-cleared and can be licensed immediately. No need to call publishers, record labels, and artists.  No legal or copyright concerns.  Your music is here for you and ready to go!
 Image Find the perfect fit for your project.  SpiceTracks is organized by genre, instruments, lyrics/subject, similar artists, styles, tempo, mood descriptions.
Image SpiceTracks is much more than a storefront.  Once you find the track you want, have it customized to meet your exact vision. Want to record a new vocal line or guitar solo? No problem!  With SpiceTracks, you select what you want and exactly how you want it. Your vision and project are our top priority.