Project Tesfa (Amharic for "hope") is a Spicerack initiative facilitated through NACOEJ to provide critically needed food and education to Ethiopian children living in Ethiopia and Israel.

Spicerack is a music performance and production brand whose mission is to inspire, entertain and connect people through a multi-sensory experience of musical creativity. Spicerack consists of 3 divisions:

  • Performance: Music and entertainment for upscale corporate events, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and concerts
  • Production: Musical composition, production and catalog services for film, television and advertising.
  • Promotion: Charity benefits and multi-cultural events that celebrate and integrate cultural diversity while raising funds and awareness for important causes.

NACOEJ (North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry), a 27-year-old charity, is the only organization entirely devoted to Ethiopian Jews in both Ethiopia and Israel. In Ethiopia, NACOEJ provides desperately needed food and education for thousands of destitute Jewish children. In Israel, NACOEJ provides intensive education and lunch programs to Ethiopian-Israeli children, and runs scholarship programs for Ethiopian high school and college students. To make a donation now click here.